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The Case of The Haunted Stripper.

So, my friend mentioned to me that he was going to run a tabletop rpg using this RPG rules set. I am pretty sure that he will be using other setting material as well. 
Anyway, I looked it over and was intrigued by the idea of the Wicce PI, a private investigator who maybe has some spooky powers, but is mostly a detective, she gets the really weird cases, possessions, vampires, and so on.  
I came up with a middle aged former Homicide Cop: Moira Alma D’Jeanne, who gets her 'gifts' later in life, she was raised in 'the tradition' so understands what she has, and how to use it, but is uneasy about the change this brings her life. This story is something of an origin story.... Whether this sticks to the game mechanics or whatever is moot, for me, it's backstory, and the character creation is just the germ of who the character is.
This story takes place before Moira leaves the force, and hangs out her PI shingle. She's more Columbo than Sherlock Holmes, More Jim Rockfo…

Excerpted From the Crystal City Tattler

Here's a little RPG FIC for my D&D (Pathfinder) game. Our heroes are in the old Lands now. here is a sample of what's happening, via gossip rag.

The Crystal City Tattler
From the Editor
Hello Subscribers, and Gentle folk who have stolen this scroll from their neighbour’s doorstep, or found us wrapping that battered fish you shouldn’t be eating. 
One and all: Thank you for reading The Old Lands number one gossip sheet. We appreciate the recent influx in advertising revenue, and are directing all our readers to visit the pubs, magic shoppes, and Armouries listed throughout. Our loyal subscriber base is dwindling, due to the recent influx of adventuring folk into our long ago plundered lands. And we need ads to help us keep you informed of which Half Orc Princes have killed which Ogre Magi, and what famous Gladiator was eaten by a bored Dragon.
Of course the most recent “Hard News” is that the Black Dragons have recently taken over a great deal of those small islands where most…

The Old Lands Beckon.

For my pathfinder game tomorrow, a note from a cousin, giving some tiny hints of what's to come...

The Old lands Beckon, finagle and ask you personal questions.
A reconnaissance report, composed by Raymond, for the perusal of Cousin Slash AKA The Terror Of the High Seas:
Slash, old plum, well as you may or not have realized what with you having been turned human, and now perhaps Deevil, or Demon, with those horns, Do ye have a tail yet? Too personal, right? Straight on to  my probably unexpected report. I’m not even sure if you know where I have just escaped from, or whether you knew I had need to be making “escapes.” Well there is nary a lock I cain’t open given half minute or so. These odd fellows had me all trussed up like a christmas turkey, gagged and bound with simple knotted hemp.
When I realized there was no breakfast beer coming my way, I loosened the old ropes and wandered out of the odd sort of shiny metal cell they had me in. there was some kind of magic on the old door…

new character for a Mutants & Masterminds campaign (Agent Vii)

A little RPG/FIC.
a really brief character bio kind of thing for a new Cosmic PL 14 Mutants and Masterminds game I am going to start taking part in tomorrow. The GM makes use of some interesting settings, like "The Dragon Empire". My character seems like your typical Han Solo type, occasionally playing White Hat, sometimes Gray, or Black, but always underneath she is a Member of  "The Eyes Of the Magus" who are a dozen beings with techno-magical third eyes and armour grafted on their bodies, that give them abilities beyond that of most 'superheroes.'
A bit different than my straight up D&D game that I DM, and also the Steampunk game I play in with the same people.
(picture from:

[Begin Encryption]
Report: 65gfr19A {overview only: see relevant reports for more details}
Subject: Agent Vii (7) (known to those who know she is an agent as Vi, Violet. Family name (REDACTED): in accordance with the A…

I have been Living in an Airship (part 3)

A Passage Through India (and Transformations of the Body & Soul)
The Continued Adventures of ‘Rosie Ramses” In India
After the last part of the adventure that I chronicled, my recollections are a bit hazy as it took all my efforts to stop from getting lost in the dreamtime of Kali. Every step we took closer to Kali, brought her more and more into my heart, and mind. I had a strong image that everything we were doing would lead us north to some kind of conflagration with masked persons, or perhaps we would don masks. I felt especially like I would have no choice and to like the hawk, be hooded before I chose to hunt.
What I do recall is that we ended up somehow on a safari (sent by the government, I later found out, as a test of our walking Lightning Cannon) to hunt what people were calling a Demon Elephant. Not the many statued Ganesh, but an evil giant force bent on destruction. We investigated, taking our lightning cannon, a few tame elephants of our own, and some locals to hel…

Dear Robyn

Another quick game backstory log, remember last time, newly vampire'd Robyn wrote to his Godfather? While that was happening, said Godfather (Hrothgar) was already penning a letter to Robyn. this letter gets to Robyn, whilst they are sailing south from the Frost Giants' Glacier....
Dear Robyn
I write to you from Slash’s reconstructed barge, that I hurried  to hammer together as our home has fallen down upon our ears. Dragonport has been beset by Dragons. Black Dragons, historic enemy to the Patron Copper Dragons that once ruled Dragonport, in the Olden times. I am sailing to our ancestral home in the Old Lands. 
I have ‘The Terror’s’ Loot, and our own treasure, your crown, and all else I could find of real value before our entire city block was drown in acid and fire, the gargantuan old Black Dragons disintegrated whole buildings in minutes, groups of beings in seconds. One minute, the elf in front of you is screaming in sheer terror, the next second, she is a pile of goo. I…

Dear Hrothgar

My Pathfinder game is tomorrow. One of the NPCs, Robyn, a Dwarf Fighter, has gone missing. Someone intercepted this letter addressed to Hrothgar, who is Robyn's Godfather, and former boss at the Armoury in Dragonport. Robyn has been fighting with the group as long as they have been a group, almost. The letter was given to them by a mongrelman street urchin, as the group were eating breakfast one morning in the pub.

Dear Hrothgar,
I don’t much like being a vampire. I mean have you ever met a Dwarf vampire? I didn’t think so. We aren’t nearly as appetizing to the undead, nor are we as numerous as Humans and Elves, which is the reason that almost any Vamp or Wight, or what have you, that you meet, is of either Human or Elf extraction. 
I think if I can get myself away from these assholes who have turned me; I will start a fellowship of The Less Glamourous Vampires. Do you recall that Half Orc Vampire lady a few years ago, who paid upfront for adamantine armour for her carriage and h…

I Have Been Living In An Airship: Part 2

I Have Been Living  In An Airship: Part 2
Both the Tiger Man and the Gandaberunda had done damage to the airship, and we had to stay in Bombay for a few days. Professor Eaglesbury was transported to a hospital in Bombay and I resolved to visit him before we headed north to Delhi, ourselves. But first I had some real work to do in terms of preparing myself for whatever transformation is slowly creeping through me. This is definitely not my first time in the bull ring as those bastard Spaniards living in that Mayan temple hidden deep in the Amazon liked to say. Aside from all the backstabbing and betrayals, they weren’t a bad group of sorcerers. 
I spent much of the next few days performing rituals that I have created that tap into the Mayan, Outback, and Egyptian ‘Dream Times.’ It is tiring, but when not consecrating myself and the Airship, I am out on the drydocks where we getting refitted, documenting the various algae, and moulds that I can find, small innocuous unfamiliar weeds, mo…

I have been living on an airship! (part 1)

Below is the first part of a game log/ RPGFIC from a steampunk Mutants and Masterminds game I play in. there are a few previous logs here from earlier games. Our characters had a long break, in game time since our last adventure (2 years) so I filled in some backstory on my own. The telling though was getting too long, so I am breaking it up into two parts. What I have here is my backstory, and the first part of the game. I will have the remainder done in a day or two.

Excerpted from The Journal Of Rosie Ramses
I have been living on an airship! (part 1)
A couple of years ago, my dearest friends and compadres in adventure and esoteric practices and I, returned from a trip to a very bleak future. None of us has really been the same since that time: The Lady Penelope Westmoreland, or simply “The Lady” as I usually call her, as she was and is one of the few women I have met in England who deserve a title... 
The Lady returned to the horrible future to rescue her niece, and brother, who is …

How The Six Became Seven, Then Eight.

The following is a translation from Old Dwarfish into the common tongue, from the Original Source Material provided to the Weekly Tattler, and this reporter.
The following report,  be it truth or fiction, was found to be a scroll on a kind of vellum not seen since the time the old Lands were young; a scroll that washed ashore inside a rather large wine bottle, magically corked.
Your Reporter of Tales Tall & Small: El-Ray P. Dodds Presents:

TheLastDwarfIntheOldLands AMemoirbyRusilkaMuntansdottir, LastofTheOldDwarves. Part III Remnants of The Six & The Copper Dragon

How The Six Became Seven, Then Eight.

I had nary a moment to sit and pen some more of my tale of helping to bring the Offer of Peace from the Dragons to the Frost Giants’ fabled domed city, where it is purportedly always colder inside the Ice City, than outside, even when there is a winter storm. Magic, or perhaps some engineering of the dome itself, keeps the city at a comfortable for Frost Giants and their kin, onl…