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New Mutants and Masterminds character

Below, I've posted a bit of monologue of the eternal variety by my new character in a new M&M3e game with my usual sunday crew, same GM, players, new characters. This one is a bit of a modern gritty "The Boys" style comic, with a touch of Suicide Squad, via lots of Kaiju. 
My character is a 20 year old Japanese American (Seattle Nisei) who has cybernetic superpowers and a patchy memory, has spent her teen years as a Black Ops agent for a SHIELD-LIke agency known as SECTOR.  

File//[LuLu/6] [encryption/level/lulu/omega]
LuLu 6 Internal Monologue:// stardate: alpha/drone/twelve
So I said, to him (just before he got shot) “I’m pretty self aware for someone with partial Amnesia.” 
He started to grin, big, like he always did when you gave him some truth, I continued: 
“I have what’s called convenient but real amnesia, really! I am positive that when I find out what I’m missing, that I will wish I hadn’t found out, y’know I feel it in.....” 
I was going to say “my gut,” b…