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More Background Writing for my Pathfinder Game.

{Excerpted From the DragonPort weekly (and perhaps world's only) Newspaper, The Tatler}

The following is a translation from Old Dwarvish into the common tongue, from the Original Source Material provided to the Weekly Tatler, and this reporter.
The following report,  be it truth or fiction, was found to be a scroll on a kind of vellum not seen since the time the old Lands were young; a scroll that washed ashore inside a rather large wine bottle, magically corked.
Your Reporter of Tales Tall & Small: El-Ray P. Dodds Presents:

TheLastDwarfIntheOldLands AMemoirbyRusilkaMuntansdottir, LastofTheOldDwarves.

MynameisRusilkaMuntansdottir, IamfairlycertainthatIamthelastofmykind, atleastonthiscontinent; IhavesearchedallthelandsIcould notfindanylivingsouls, andthosewerefewenoughinthisbarrenwastelandthatlegendsayswasoncelush, greenandsavage. Savageitstillis, butthereislittlethatisgreenthatdoesnotwanttokillyou, andeatyou. 
Likeall “OldDwarves,” Iwasborninthe “Caligula” or “LittleBoot” Mountains…

Some Ongoing Game Ephemera

So, I'm rebooting my D&D (Pathfinder) campaign, but rather than do a full reboot, I want to try to keep my old game going but bring in a bit of new blood. my plea on Facebook yesterday nabbed me one interested party at least.
I'm really open to "guest star" players who want to drop in on a rules light narrative weirdness kind of campaign. for me it's more about co-operative world/narrative building, and eating chips, of course.
My current storyline is kind of winding down, so I'm going to play that one out as schedules permit, and have a new player for the end of this campaign and ready, used to the other players for the next campaign.
In prep for this one, I have my arcs, my big ideas figured out, but I needed a visual starting place, really. So I googled "blank fantasy world maps" the below image (sans place names) came up first. I filled in the names myself, based on the game so far and my plans for the future.
Currently the game has 2-3 PCs…