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Epistle from a Vampire (I)

A little game ephemera for my D&D (pathfinder) game

After the gang's battle with the Evil Black dragon Betamax and his cohorts, Robyn, trusted NPC Dwarf Fighter turned Vampire disappeared. Now a day or so after the battle, a scroll inked in what appears to be Elven blood....

Epistle from a Vampire (I)
Dearest Comrades, flung so far from the sea Where we were better people:
this started out as a letter of resignation from me to all of you, and  it still is that but I also need to tell you why  I left in such a hasty manner... I no longer can let my love for you all as friends and something like a second family
taint my soul
we have fallen
so far...
My own family exiled me from their warrens long before I met you. They denied me where you accepted me. 
Dwarf cultural taboos are rarely spoken of to outsiders but for me you are all inside my life My unnatural lust and love for elven kind predates my current vampire status.
had I been attracted to other Dwarf men most of my kin would have but shrugged and said mu…