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Pathfinder Gamelog #2

Pathfinder Gamelog #2

In the last few games we have all but got to setting up the beginnings of a kingdom. As I detailed in the last log, we have a few obstacles to clear up, but are on our way. 
The story picks up as the “Band of Boar Lords” tries to strategize about how to cross the river to the island, where we think that some Lizardfolk have a young human boy from our Hinterland Outpost/Fort/HQ. We need the photo op, as there’s some mouthy Bard in town sowing dissent upon us for some reason. It’s also a noble quest of the old school variety, rescue a kid from evil lizards? Gotta do it!
Gloriana’s Travel Diary (entry # 45)
So there we were with our brand new war horses, feeling pretty good about ourselves when we saw, hey of course they’re on an Island, and why would there be a bridge, or a ferry, or a kayak or something. Ughh I was thinking, I hate swimming, as the summoner asked me if i had access to a water walk spell. I fear I turned red as I said:
 “Why yes, actually I have roo…

Talislanta game Log #1

Hey there the few of you who are interested in the nerdiest of my many blogs...

Here is a game log from yesterday's game, set in Talislanta. we have a big table at this game with 6 players and a Game master. A lot happens in these games. This particular day had a lot of blood lust from some characters. My own character is one with a sense of ethics that sometimes conflicts with the mercenary attitude of some of the rest of the group. 

I've decided that to keep the game interesting for me, my character Thalia needs to at least in her journal (my game log) be critical of her fellows, and will be doing so in the game. This may get her killed, but I want to stay true to the design of the character, one who's lost much of the honour she had in her own society, and now outcast from there is trying to gain some of that honour back but is currently being stymied by her group of friends becoming far more cut throat and mercenary in their dealings. everything is tied to loot, and batt…

Pathfinder game starting back up

Pathfinder Game-log 1
So, one of my ongoing RPGs is a Pathfinder campaign. (Kingmaker) There are only 2 of us as PCs in the game, so at times it’s a bit of a slog. 3 or 4 pCs for my money makes a much more robust game in terms of ideas, figuring things out. Our “strategies” such as they are, are often really lacking, not having that 3rd idea that either recalls plot points or takes you sideways in interesting ways. We tend to not be very stealthy. 
Also I made what turned out to be a bad decision in dumping my Druid character which I wasn’t enjoying playing for some reason... for a Cleric as our tendency to rush into situations often need(ed) bigger, better healing.
Of course as soon as I did that it became apparent that there were many things in this campaign (set in “The Stolen lands,” a big wilderness) that a Druid was kind of essential to the party. Ah well. So it goes. Currently our characters sit at 6th level, inching close to 7th. 
My characters are a male Half Elf Ranger name…

Rosie Ramses

Here's a bit of backstory for a character i'll be playing in my friend Michael's Victorian era Mutants and Masterminds 3E game. The setting is from a different source, there are dinosaurs, steam airships, lots of clockwork stuff. I think it's going to be a hoot.

Having been a kid when her Dad was killed (I can’t recall what i said in the previous history), but I’m going with 16 at that time. It’s now 9 years later, she’s lived in various parts of Central, South America, from Mexico to Peru. Then she somehow ended up in Tasmania, and Australia. Haven’t worked out that part yet, but here’s a taste of what she’s like:
She references her past with “That Time In,” a lot because she’s still really a teenager. She may have done a Timothy Leary amount of Psychedelic adventuring with shamans witch doctors, dream walkers, Feathered Serpents? Definitely a Psychedelic Dinosaur adventure in there somewhere. 
I want her to be a bit naive about the real world, with maybe some juveni…

Thalia, The Last.

For a game I've been playing in the Talislanta setting. It's The No Elves, Dwarves campaign setting/RPG game. (though there are lots of similar to those cliches. ) 

IT's a bit too D&D sometimes for me still, i've played a couple of characters, this being the current one, that I'm deciding while on my RPG hiatus, whether to keep playing her.

Here is a bit of background I wrote up for her. She is a Danuvian: which is very much an "Amazon" analog... matriarchal society of warrior women, The men are the artisans, bureaucrats, homemakers, entertainers, etc.


Thalia was a typical minor noble girl as a youth, she was a heroic warrior, and very decent Guard Tactician. She never took too many consorts but a great many foreign lovers, and eventually one main consort, a husband, however it’s termed, who was a famed poet/singer very modern, a bit edgy in his lyrics…. Thalia often very explicitly was his muse. The fame did not help their relationship, and her w…