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New game log from my M&M game

*** From a Mutants & Masterminds Game that I'm Running. The PCs are Herakles (you know Hercules) , Doctor Dynamo (1940's homefront hero, retired energy controller, & Suzy Dynamite, speedster and wife of Doctor Dynamo.

They are thrown into a time travelling/alterante earth travelling hero named the Grey Clock. they are Exiles, of a sort, bouncing from world to world, trying to stop a menace that might destroy all the earths. Mister Mystic is from the same world as Dynamo, and Dynamite, he was sometimes their team mate fighting saboteurs fifth columnists, and gangsters during WW2. He, like them was forced into at least semi retirement (he is the sorcerer supreme) by HUAC and the McCarthy hearings. I will use Mystic's voice for my game logs I think.

The Diary of Mister Mystick 

(Excerpt from Chapter 5: The Alternate Earth Years, or how I learned that there’s always a version of yourself out there somewhere worse off than you.)
Dear Ferdinand, It is with a heavy heart …