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New game log from my M&M game

*** From a Mutants & Masterminds Game that I'm Running. The PCs are Herakles (you know Hercules) , Doctor Dynamo (1940's homefront hero, retired energy controller, & Suzy Dynamite, speedster and wife of Doctor Dynamo.

They are thrown into a time travelling/alterante earth travelling hero named the Grey Clock. they are Exiles, of a sort, bouncing from world to world, trying to stop a menace that might destroy all the earths. Mister Mystic is from the same world as Dynamo, and Dynamite, he was sometimes their team mate fighting saboteurs fifth columnists, and gangsters during WW2. He, like them was forced into at least semi retirement (he is the sorcerer supreme) by HUAC and the McCarthy hearings. I will use Mystic's voice for my game logs I think.

The Diary of Mister Mystick 

(Excerpt from Chapter 5: The Alternate Earth Years, or how I learned that there’s always a version of yourself out there somewhere worse off than you.)

Dear Ferdinand, It is with a heavy heart that I send these mystickal messages to my journal in my haven, our haven. I’m not sure how much time will pass before I can return to my own time & Space Line... you read that right, it’s not just time travel, but alternate earth travel as well. Will any of theses missives be able to (as I can from anywhere on (my) Earth) write themselves magickally into the open page of my diary?

In my last missive I mentioned that those two former Beacons, now retired, undercover (on their own dime, yet), Dr. Dynamo who now in his middle age, his heroic monologues seem corny and kind of embarrassing. But i was never one for the clever catchphrase, I was always too busy trying to remember the correct ancient Akkadian for the spell at hand, or somesuch, snappy patter, I had not. In hindsight, I guess that’s why people rarely ask me to team up, I guess I’m a bit of a stiff as a superhero, but I’m a good BINGO Caller, and a great Librarian. Why am I traipsing around the multiverse?

Mayhap I have grown cynical, what with being thrown into the mists of space and time by that insanely dangerous Beacon - The Grey Clock - (That guy wherever he is from, or whenever, has never done me any favours, ruined some really outstanding spells in fact, with his oft Deus Ex Machina appearances.) and seemingly on an endless mission to right the wrongs of the multiverse or some nonsense. 

We visited quite a few “future earths” so far, going as far as 500 years. That was quite something, though it was oddly fascist, and there was all this segregation. It seems like all the futures we’ve seen, after picking up Herakles, Not our “Herc”, but a 1980’s (bad haircut era for everyone it seems, but the loin cloth, mercy) Greek version on this world that I think wasn’t one we saved, in the future...I’m not really sure, to be honest.

Most recently we ended up having a bit of a weird arrival, perhaps losing some time, if such a thing is possible to us travelling twixt and tween time and space, we ended up on a very distasteful (except for the clothes. Amazing) planet, and not just because it’s one of apparently very many Earths where the Nazis won the war. There was the war on the ground, sea, air, as well as the Aether. Many of my fellow mystics were felled by Nazi sorcery during the War, as Herakles says, “I Hate Nazis!” But being Mister Mystic, the last great Mage in the Americas (at least until I can get a new student.) I was more restrained when I realized where I was, than say, Herakles who hates Nazis not because he fought them, but because he didn’t, being on his Earth, trapped by his father Zeus and Ares god of War, when They played dice with the 20th century- a century that heralded the kinds of war could really end all wars, and everything else.

He was trapped in Hades, freed only in 1980 by some superheroes on a completely different mission, but knew a great Team Up when they saw one chained to the furnace that fuels the Engines Of War. Once he found out about the nazis, anytime he sees or hears of one, he flies into a murderous rage. Otherwise for a Demigod, he is very amiable.

The Couple, as I think of them, Dr. Dynamo and Suzy Lightning (as usual I forgo real names unless widely known, and besides I know everyone’s real name anyway) seem to be alright with hauling out the tights again. I feel good that I mostly wore suits when I was a”hero.” The doctor seems almost to have convinced himself that he has certain powers that he does not. Suzy tolerates these lapses, and helps him when he gets frustrated that he may not be all the hero he seems. 

As far as I can tell his flying seems faster, and his real powers are as I remember them, Suzy as well, seems to have lost nary a bolt of her lightning speed. They are definitely older, like myself, and she at least is more cautious, taking more time for strategy, The Dr (of what,? I have never known) at times is definitely reliving our more rambunctious gung ho youth. But Posing and catch phrases, at our age? I think not.

But I digress from my digression, we awoke on cots arrayed neatly in a very antiseptic warehouse space. For myself I liked the clean lines of things, but would mess it up with knick knacks cat hair and spellbooks. Oh My God, the Cat! Ferdinand! Ferdy? Who will feed you?

 The Clock Had better return us sometime reasonably close to when we left. Poor Kitty.

Right away I do a mind sweep to see if we are alone, a few idle minds a few hundred feet away maybe, it seems a lot of electrical interference on this world, was my thought. I had no idea. The Doctor started talking about double rainbows and we all kind of realized the Grey clock was nowhere to be seen. Just myself, The Couple, and Herakles, who found a time and space travel guidebook that turned out to be real useful, this was a post Nazi world war win world, but one that devolved into something called Hipsterism.

I never quite understood, something to do with irony and bad facial hair choices. Either way, eventually we left what I realized must be one of the Grey Clock’s camouflaged safe houses and went up to the mansion up the hill. Herakles was standing there, as I arrived huffing and puffing behind the Couple, choking the life out of what appeared to be a frail 90 something Captain Blitzkrieg, or as Dynamo calls him “Baron Von Blitzkrieg.” I found from his mind as it slipped away that it was 1984 (apparently we have a “chronometer”, that tells us this also) and that the old Nazi hierarchy was all but dead. 3rd and 4th generation nazis were beginning to have influence, run things.

I mentioned that there was another teenaged mind waking up on the floor above, and the sight of us and her dead grandfather might be tricky to explain. suzy went up and got her.

Turns out she was a bit older than I had surmised, and also ice cold in regards to her dead grandfather. Ice cold, blonde, waifish but strong, she reminded me of of the Quicksilver Doll after “the accident” and how removed, ethereal The Doll seemed to us all after that. The perky Miss America had become a dark avenger, seemingly overnight. Ricky Inferno always told me it was Dr, Dynamo’s fault, the accident, but Ricky said a lot of things about a lot of people. I think he was in it for the gossip as much as the crime fighting.

Last I probed, Ricky was killing nazis in South America. ha! 

I had hoped we would leave the house before Dynamo saw the painting behind the Captain’s desk, of the Captain Nazi flag in hand standing on the throat of a young defeated Dr. Dynamo, with many of the rest of us below them in a mountain of Allied Super heroes, defeated by the Uber Hero. On this world maybe it was true. Somehow I knew there either was no version of me, or the me that was, was no more. I couldn’t touch myself in the Aether. Which is not as dirty as it sounds.

But again I digress too much... As we were trying to figure out our next move, Miranda (Blitzkrieg’s Great Granddaughter, it seems he was older than I thought) had called the authorities to remove The War Hero and started off in a giant car that looked like no Cadillac I’ve ever seen. Dynamo flew after her, worried about something I didn’t get. She came back with us, after hearing his preposterous but true story of who we were. To her, I guess this seemed plausible, Her grandfather being a world Idol, and us exhibiting powers.

Miranda was able to take us to Chicago, where we are just arriving as I finsih this missive. I will send more Missives of our mis-adventures, when and if I get time. We are to meet the Uber Heroes of 1984 America as ruled by The Nazis. Should be interesting.


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