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a little tidbit for my Pathfinder Game

Turns out one of the NPC's has been lying about who she is....

The group finds this letter addressed to "The Gang" upon their Oracle's tidy bedroll, just before the game starts. a little morsel to whet the appetite.

"Gloriana’s" Last Letter

Fellows, it is with a heavy heart that I bid you farewell, as, if you are reading this, I have already left Skull Island. You might think I have run off with that beautiful Fetchling Baritone who you well know I have been trysting with. 
Alas, that was not to be so. While I may stray off the path my Goddess has strewn for me at times, the young baritone is about as evil (- in a radiating it at such an intensity that it makes one who is sensitive to such things a bit dizzy, and eventually, vomitously ill, kind of way) as it gets. Twas merely a tryst, but no more; as you likely do not know also, I am once again single. My wedding contract with Craddock the Djinn, Bess’ right hand man, is over.
I am fortunate, I guess, tha…