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a little tidbit for my Pathfinder Game

Turns out one of the NPC's has been lying about who she is....

The group finds this letter addressed to "The Gang" upon their Oracle's tidy bedroll, just before the game starts. a little morsel to whet the appetite.

"Gloriana’s" Last Letter

Fellows, it is with a heavy heart that I bid you farewell, as, if you are reading this, I have already left Skull Island. You might think I have run off with that beautiful Fetchling Baritone who you well know I have been trysting with. 

Alas, that was not to be so. While I may stray off the path my Goddess has strewn for me at times, the young baritone is about as evil (- in a radiating it at such an intensity that it makes one who is sensitive to such things a bit dizzy, and eventually, vomitously ill, kind of way) as it gets. Twas merely a tryst, but no more; as you likely do not know also, I am once again single. My wedding contract with Craddock the Djinn, Bess’ right hand man, is over.

I am fortunate, I guess, that the Harrow Deck betrothed me to a Djinni, rather than some culture with a less contract based society. Djinn never stay married for more than the specified terms of the wedding contract, which can be voided or extended as they comes due. 

The contracts usually are year to year. Ours was made bond only by the ancient magic of the Harrow Deck. Neither Craddock, nor I wanted to be wed, or really ever acted as though we were, only together on missions for that first month. No bad feelings between us, by the Goddess. I still consider Craddock one of my best friends, after you sorry lot, of course.

 I was assigned to “The Slash Group” (as Bess calls you guys). You really need to make sure you have another healer around. I earned my keep, and am leaving you my bigger items, back on ship. I have heard the voice of the Goddess, and I must head alone into the Old Lands, where I am to meet with The Dragon Ambassador, and perhaps even the Dragon Arch Bishop.

I cannot tell you more, other than to give you a warning; The Dragons Are Coming!

Yours in The shadow of The Goddess,

Valeria Redstone

Valeria Redstone (at last, my real name is signed.)

Oh PS: My name is not really Gloriana, my real name is Valeria, given me by my Goddess when I became her Oracle. Everything else I may have told you was true, except of course for the obvious lies.

What my birth name was and who I was before that are a mystery to me. One That I may never have time to investigate. 

I am fearful of the Dragons, but hopeful that I can help broker a peace (and hear/see a real Dragon opera!)....I can’t really tell you why I hid my true name from you, but I think you should ask Bess. Oh, and if you ever find Ziggy, give him a punch from me. I am still very worried about him.


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