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How The Six Became Seven, Then Eight.

The following is a translation from Old Dwarfish into the common tongue, from the Original Source Material provided to the Weekly Tattler, and this reporter.
The following report,  be it truth or fiction, was found to be a scroll on a kind of vellum not seen since the time the old Lands were young; a scroll that washed ashore inside a rather large wine bottle, magically corked.
Your Reporter of Tales Tall & Small: El-Ray P. Dodds Presents:

TheLastDwarfIntheOldLands AMemoirbyRusilkaMuntansdottir, LastofTheOldDwarves. Part III Remnants of The Six & The Copper Dragon

How The Six Became Seven, Then Eight.

I had nary a moment to sit and pen some more of my tale of helping to bring the Offer of Peace from the Dragons to the Frost Giants’ fabled domed city, where it is purportedly always colder inside the Ice City, than outside, even when there is a winter storm. Magic, or perhaps some engineering of the dome itself, keeps the city at a comfortable for Frost Giants and their kin, onl…