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Mail Call for my current D&D group  (first though some history of the game) Hey folks still interested in reading dorky D&D blogs, as a way to get myself writing more regularly, and having a game of D&D going with regularly scheduled games once more (Fifth Edition D&D is the system we are using) I am hoping to come up with basically once a month a between session bit of something to give players reminders, and hints of what’s gone on, about to happen, and so on. My current game has five player characters, using more non traditional D&D races, mostly taken from the homebrew site D&D Beyond. We have a Tortle Warlock, A Grung Druid, a Kenku Cleric, Tabaxi Rogue, and an Ursine Ranger. Elves, dwarves, humans and such are relegated to NPCs and background characters in this game. Only one of the players has a lot of D&D experience, so it’s really a learning the game style of play, which for me as a non looking
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RPG post, wha?

Been a while since i posted to this blog. Starting a new game as a player in the next few months sometime. a call of Cthulhu game, which i have never played. My fave thing is creating characters and backstory, so here is a draft of my character Theda Vex, Occult Traveller (she's a chauffeur to madness) From The Journal of Theda Vex, Occult Traveller. An Introduction of sorts, dear reader is what I am prefacing my journal with. Obviously, this is less of a personal journal, than it is the history of my existence from the time onward when I became known perhaps with some infamy as Theda Vex. I was not always Theda Vex. My name growing up, was far more pedestrian, as was I until I took my leave of formal education from the University of America in Paris France, just after the signing of the Armistice. My parents, and their parents before them were ex patriate Americans who lived mostly on the European continent. I have been expelled, suspended and banned from many of the

Undercover in the wastelands!

Hey, while I should be working hard on my  memoir, I have been sidetracked by needing to do a bit of fantasy RPG prose. In my D&D game, I am making use of their off the Earth pathfinder background materials a bit, and mostly though of course making a lot of stuff up as I go. it's how I "roll," as a DM, to put a pun on it, as nerd rules require. My gang of adventurers, recently found a beautiful golden ship in a Dragon's Hoard. the ship was on auto pilot and took them through space to another world called Aucturn. The last game had folks landing there at the end, and to be continued. We ended up due to scheduling, and human real life business not being able to play for almost two months. for these same reasons, two players had to cancel last minute before the game this last Sunday. the others still were up for playing, so i concocted quickly that the two missing players' characters in the game were also missing in the game. the two player characters w

Epistle from a Vampire (I)

A little game ephemera for my D&D (pathfinder) game After the gang's battle with the Evil Black dragon Betamax and his cohorts, Robyn, trusted NPC Dwarf Fighter turned Vampire disappeared. Now a day or so after the battle, a scroll inked in what appears to be Elven blood.... Epistle from a Vampire (I) Dearest Comrades, flung so far from the sea Where we were better people: this started out as a letter of resignation from me to all of you, and  it still is that but I also need to tell you why  I left in such a hasty manner... I no longer can let my love for you all as friends and something like a second family taint my soul we have fallen so far... My own family exiled me from their warrens long before I met you. They denied me where you accepted me.  Dwarf cultural taboos are rarely spoken of to outsiders but for me you are all inside my life My unnatural lust and love for elven kind predates my current vampire

Mail Call D&D style

Mail Call For the characters in my D&D Game 1. An Epistle from Brother  (Cousin) Raymond MacPhearson Esq.,  Hand Of Obsidia Dearest Cousin Slash,                                          I have no idea whether this letter will find you, well, or otherwise. If you are reading this I have some good news and better news for you. No bad news at all, nope, none, Well, okay maybe a little bit of bad news. We will start with that, the bad news first, which is Cousin #1, that I am no longer the head of “The Family” .... You didn’t know that I was, did you, I know you think that family doesn’t matter, but it does. I get ten percent from everyone, heck even you have been paying me, as Bess always gave me a cut from you, and by me, I mean our Rogues Guild, to whom you do owe quite a few years of back dues, by the by. We are big, bigger than the Freedom Archipelago Teamsters, even.  The good news is that my new position is to be ‘The Hand Of Obsidia,’ I have been chosen

The Case of The Haunted Stripper.

So, my friend mentioned to me that he was going to run a tabletop rpg using this RPG rules set . I am pretty sure that he will be using other setting material as well.  Anyway, I looked it over and was intrigued by the idea of the Wicce PI, a private investigator who maybe has some spooky powers, but is mostly a detective, she gets the really weird cases, possessions, vampires, and so on.   I came up with a middle aged former Homicide Cop: Moira Alma D’Jeanne, who gets her 'gifts' later in life, she was raised in 'the tradition' so understands what she has, and how to use it, but is uneasy about the change this brings her life. This story is something of an origin story.... Whether this sticks to the game mechanics or whatever is moot, for me, it's backstory, and the character creation is just the germ of who the character is. This story takes place before Moira leaves the force, and hangs out her PI shingle. She's more Columbo than Sherlock Holmes