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Epistle from a Vampire (I)

A little game ephemera for my D&D (pathfinder) game

After the gang's battle with the Evil Black dragon Betamax and his cohorts, Robyn, trusted NPC Dwarf Fighter turned Vampire disappeared. Now a day or so after the battle, a scroll inked in what appears to be Elven blood....

Epistle from a Vampire (I)

Dearest Comrades, flung so far from the sea
Where we were better people:

this started out as a letter
of resignation
to all of you, and 
it still is that but I also need to tell you why 
I left in such a hasty
manner... I no longer can
let my love for you all as
friends and something like
a second family
taint my soul
we have fallen
so far...

My own family exiled me
from their warrens long before
I met you. They denied me
where you accepted me. 

Dwarf cultural taboos are rarely
spoken of to
but for me you are all inside my life
My unnatural lust and love
for elven kind predates my current
vampire status.

had I been attracted to other Dwarf men
most of my kin would
have but shrugged and said much else 
other than the odd teasing.

but to be attracted to an Elf, our eternal foe
male or female or even those 
elves who lie between sex and gender
nay can it be
all have told me, save
my own eyes
and heart

Thus I was apprenticed to my Uncle
a kindly blacksmith of your 
For thirty human years I toiled
a smile never far 
from my face, as many an Elven
Gentlemen entreated my Uncle and our seeming
magic ways with steel
and the

I knew some small joys in those days
but not until I joined your merry band of pirates
did I know that there could be joy in battle, in plunder, victories, some
woven with silver tongues
but mostly with adamantine swords
and magics I would never believe
except that I have seen
I felt more of a family
when we were upon the seas than at anytime in my
long life.

But we were changed by the sea, by
becoming enfranchised, a business.
also by the hags. I swear they have
more betrayals yet to give.

Why have I resigned you
may be asking if you have read thus far.
and I can tell you
that I am no longer any man’s

I was rescued by a communal group
of vampires, who found me half 
way to undeath death
as we battled the 
Dragon, Betamax.

I am living in their communal nest, 
and we are a hive, of our own
independent from the 
vampire council

We are vampires who choose 
not to kill, not to turn, only to
drink to live
and love the blood that we love.

many folk even Elves
enjoy a small nibble
here and there as
part  of a healthy sex

We have a network of those 
who give

I am as happy
as a Vampire
as a Queer Dwarf
in exile, not the King nor
The Queen 
they wanted to be,
can be.

Do not find me
get your hoard and leave
me here
in this desert oasis
of love
I have come to know.

the Dragon is licking
his wounds but my new family
tells me to warn you that 
there is more to the hoard than meets
the island.

cryptic, no?

your slave no longer, but still with love.

PS: Tanis, sorry for being so creepy 
about your Elfness. I was kind of
stalking you.

PPS: One of my 
drones mentioned 
that there is
a magic ship
in the hoard, no

Sincerely, your former friend and designated executioner

Robyn (I no longer use my family name so as not to embarrass the royal kin)


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