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Pathfinder game starting back up

Pathfinder Game-log 1

So, one of my ongoing RPGs is a Pathfinder campaign. (Kingmaker) There are only 2 of us as PCs in the game, so at times it’s a bit of a slog. 3 or 4 pCs for my money makes a much more robust game in terms of ideas, figuring things out. Our “strategies” such as they are, are often really lacking, not having that 3rd idea that either recalls plot points or takes you sideways in interesting ways. We tend to not be very stealthy. 

Also I made what turned out to be a bad decision in dumping my Druid character which I wasn’t enjoying playing for some reason... for a Cleric as our tendency to rush into situations often need(ed) bigger, better healing.

Of course as soon as I did that it became apparent that there were many things in this campaign (set in “The Stolen lands,” a big wilderness) that a Druid was kind of essential to the party. Ah well. So it goes. Currently our characters sit at 6th level, inching close to 7th. 

My characters are a male Half Elf Ranger named “Galenko,” and a Female Human Cleric named “Gloriana”.  I have a bit of back story for them but want to re-do it a bit for the blog, so I’m just going to do a bit of game backstory here and a log of the most recent session. The other player is playing two very Pathfinder-centric characters, an Inquisitor (human named “Landis Dyson”), and a Summoner (also Human named Markus Vosper). Hmmm my characters lack last names. I’m fine with that.

The premise of the campaign is that we are adventurers from the big city of Brevoy to the north. (or at least that’s where our orders came from, where we got the mission)We were tasked to go to the “stolen Lands” to the south and tame them as it were, bring them back into the fold of the civilized kingdoms, getting to set ourselves up as Kings/Lords along the way. the Modules have a whole town/Keep building system built in. We are just getting to the point now at almost 7th level, where we can start doing all that stuff.

We have done a whole swack of missions, some for “the Crown” some for NPCs who needed our help, or whose help we needed. Sometimes just because the monsters/bandits were annoying. We’ve killed a Green dragon (adult) but have yet to find his horde, encountered witches, a lot of various kind of Fey, and some swamp, river monsters. We’ve taken out the local Bandit Kingpin, The Stag Lord. My Ranger wears his helmet (similar to one worn by my last Ranger character in an old campaign, same players) which gives some small boosts to some skills etc. We also in the last game earlier this summer finally taken care of a pesky Worg and his gang of wolves, bandits...who we had to take care of in order to be able to set up our “kingdom” .

The most recent game started off just after we had done this deed, in the Stag Lord’s Fort, which we had previously captured, but left unguarded while questing, and of course bad guys moved in again. We had defeated some weird Fey, one of whom was some sort of Dancing lady, all of them had wicked sneak attacks, that made it quite a challenge. A werewolf with a healthy DR made it tough to kill him, despite being outmatched by our levels. Eventually we got them all. Save for a penned up Dire Wolverine.

A good idea keeping the Dire Wolverine penned up. As we were burning the corpses of our enemies, the Wolverine started talking to us. He was definitely evil, from his aura, yet, as “good” characters we felt the need to parlay, he claimed to be many times cursed, we offered to try to lift the curse for any information he may be able to give us that would be useful in our kingdom building and questing. He told us something “big” was coming to get us. Pretty vague, but of course our lookout, The Summoner’s “Eidolon” (a sort of permanently summoned cohort.) espied two Trolls in the distance, who tossed a few boulders at him, but otherwise let us be.

Eventually we got out of the Wolverine, that he was in fact someone (an evil Druid shapechanger) we had earlier killed in the tunnels under the Fort. His son, The Stag Lord, had reincarnated him as a Dire wolverine, and kept him penned up for being such an evil asshole father. After hearing the story we almost felt bad for killing the Stag Lord, and determined that the Evil bastard needed to die, we buffed up the Eidolon, and let them go at it. the Eidolon made short work of him.

We debated chasing down the trolls, but instead chose to head back to the trading post that is the only real “settlement” in the lands that we have found so far, and is our base, and place to find missions, quests. When we arrived we received some compensation for returning the pelt of the Worg, the head of a Hodag, and a Dragon head, all of which the Cleric had kept from rotting with spells along our journey back. But of course there was another hurdle to kingdom building loudly proclaiming itself, upon our arrival.

A colourful Bard took to orating against us and our Imperialistic ways (he’s not totally off beam, but it is the point of the campaign) We tried to argue, bully him, but that just made things worse for us, we even tried a bribe, but this is where another PC could have come in handy, more ideas to toss around. Nothing worked, so we intead set off on the most recent quest... Find a missing child who had been abducted, or missing near the river. Rumours told us that the Cult of the Witch Queen (who had been allied with the Stag Lord) were known for abducting children, often replacing them with evil doppelgangers.

We took off south and eventually (trail was 3 days old and took us a few of our consistently crappy dice rolls to find it) and we followed what turned out to be the kid’s tracks, and those of a party of Lizard-Men to an island in the middle of the river, with seemingly only one entrance, and no boat to get across the river to it. 

We broke there, not having had as many encounters perhaps as we should have, as we did a lot of sidebar yakking about Movies, Tv, Comics, and our other nerdy pursuits, not having played in over a month, it takes some time to get back into the groove.

My next entry on this game I hope will be my backstories for my characters, and a game-log from one of their perspectives.

My next entry though will likely be from the “Talislanta” game, with the Amazon like character, I’m playing there, as that game is happening on Sunday.


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