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New Mutants and Masterminds character

Below, I've posted a bit of monologue of the eternal variety by my new character in a new M&M3e game with my usual sunday crew, same GM, players, new characters. This one is a bit of a modern gritty "The Boys" style comic, with a touch of Suicide Squad, via lots of Kaiju. 

My character is a 20 year old Japanese American (Seattle Nisei) who has cybernetic superpowers and a patchy memory, has spent her teen years as a Black Ops agent for a SHIELD-LIke agency known as SECTOR.  

File//[LuLu/6] [encryption/level/lulu/omega]

LuLu 6 Internal Monologue:// stardate: alpha/drone/twelve

So I said, to him (just before he got shot) “I’m pretty self aware for someone with partial Amnesia.” 

He started to grin, big, like he always did when you gave him some truth, I continued: 

“I have what’s called convenient but real amnesia, really! I am positive that when I find out what I’m missing, that I will wish I hadn’t found out, y’know I feel it in.....” 

I was going to say “my gut,” but I was interrupted by a stray laser beam that sliced poor Big Tom Horner’s face in half. He died not just smiling, but laughing at me and my attempt at self confidence, and intimacy. Tommy always thought intimacy was funny. You couldn’t hit on him to save your life. But I guess maybe I did just that, as he lay there dead, I turned and shot that poncey show off bank robber in the face with a good old Tekno Muzak from hell to his own laser beam shooting face. These dudes, and it’s mostly dudes, in big codpieces, who dress up like some wrestler from the old days, and rob banks with big elaborate gear that if they could afford to own, and could build, why do they need the bank’s money. Douchebags! Dudes!

Still though, I loved Tom Horner’s Big Face, at least as much as anyone else I’ve ever been able to say that about. Love. Fuck that shit. 

I kind of went a bit overboard on those dress up guys for a while. Even got an official reprimand. Whatever, Ol’ Tom (who was like 17, but like me serving since before he could remember) didn’t deserve to get shot by some lameass in spandex, who it turned out was shooting at a cop across the street, but was distracted by a mosquito getting into his visor that shot the lasers. Not even really a “power” guy, a geek inventor type. I squashed him like a bug. I hear that he’s with the agency now, in the lab only. Maybe I should make amends? Nope. 

Thinking of Tom now, makes me think about when I realized where I was living and what I was doing in the world, about 5 years ago when I was 13 and just another “gifted” student at the academy. My gift being my (apparently, this is part of my lost memory) father experimenting on me when me realized my mutation was an ability to absorb tech into my body, more easily that anyone ever. Most cyborgs, then were short lived, or died quickly, always rejecting the tech. 

I absorbed all tech given me, and reshaped into into “My Legos”, and obscure pop culture reference that I am not even sure where I heard it, but old timers always seem to know what I’m talking about when I explain, that the tech has been transformed by me into my various legos, that give me my various “powers”, as the old doctors like to call my abilities. All the old dudes at the Agency love what they call my “retro powers”. I’m not sure why I grok what they’re talking about, but I do. It’s disconcerting to say the least, to seem to know things that you don’t remember learning.

Which is, by the way, the same realization I had at 13, that I could (no longer, if they even were at all) resist much if not all the brainwashing, Go Team! stuff that seemed to being thrown at me. Trust exercise my “Fingers of Doom, asswipe”! I shrugged all that stuff off. I’m continuing to work for the Agency, not because I feel like many, compelled to, but rather that I need to, in order to best utilize my abilities, and as hokey as it seems, like all the other stuff I can’t remember, I think the reason I’m here, is to find out why I’m here. It feels right, plus I have this awesome hoverboard, now.

I am a bit nervous about meeting my new team, though. Being the only survivor on my last three missions does not make others feel relaxed. Maybe they don’t know. Hmmm. No. they know. Sigh. [/LuLu 6 Internal Monologue:// stardate: alpha/drone/twelve]


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