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Dear Robyn

Another quick game backstory log, remember last time, newly vampire'd Robyn wrote to his Godfather? While that was happening, said Godfather (Hrothgar) was already penning a letter to Robyn. this letter gets to Robyn, whilst they are sailing south from the Frost Giants' Glacier....

Dear Robyn

I write to you from Slash’s reconstructed barge, that I hurried  to hammer together as our home has fallen down upon our ears. Dragonport has been beset by Dragons. Black Dragons, historic enemy to the Patron Copper Dragons that once ruled Dragonport, in the Olden times. I am sailing to our ancestral home in the Old Lands. 

I have ‘The Terror’s’ Loot, and our own treasure, your crown, and all else I could find of real value before our entire city block was drown in acid and fire, the gargantuan old Black Dragons disintegrated whole buildings in minutes, groups of beings in seconds. One minute, the elf in front of you is screaming in sheer terror, the next second, she is a pile of goo. I have never experienced such a wholesale slaughter, and destruction, there is little left of the city. The Dragons have wizards and barbarians scouring the streets in tandems for survivors to become the new slave class, rebuilding the city to the Dragons’ designs.

I slipped out in the darkness, hugging the shore with this light sturdy and valuable barge. There is more money in and on this boat, than there was in The Bank Of Dragonport before those wizards made it vanish somehow. Did they move it or destroy it? Or is it still there, invisible? I had no time to try and find out, as I looked in vain for Bess or some other ‘official’ to see what and who else we needed save as we fled. No one saw Bess during the whole one sided ’battle’. Some paranoid folk were saying the Dragons warned her, or that she found out through her vast network of spies and told only those she wanted to save from the Dragons. One man told me he saw her enter the New Dragon’s Nest being built upon the ashes of the Capitol.

I don’t think Bess is in league with Black Dragons, she may be a Pirate, but she’s not an ‘Evil Pirate.’ I think she had some warning, but not enough to get everyone out, so she and her crew took to the sea for a tactical retreat. Maybe even hiding out somewhere. If I weren’t in a Barge, I would head to Fort Slash, and deposit all this loot there, in a fort, hopefully off the Dragon’s radar. Unless it’s some ancient dragon Burial ground underneath the fort or something? Ha, No way, right? It’s easy to be paranoid when you are dodging cones of green foul smelling acid, and trying to steer a barge in the dark.

I have no idea what’s become of you since your last letter when you were on Dinosaur Island and heading to the Ice Giants Dome. I am scared if this letter finds you, it will find your frozen corpse. 

Why have the Dragons attacked? These were the first dragons anyone in the city had ever seen, and all they did was sow death upon our once vibrant city, now a stinking ruin. I am far enough away and it is finally daylight enough for me to see where I am, near the supposedly Haunted Ship Graveyard. I am going to disguise my barge a bit as a wreck, and get some rest. Maybe I will see you again in The Old Lands, where you have never been, Prince in Exile.

Which brings me to the ‘other terrible news’ I have to convey to you, if you are still Bound to the Earth. Your father has become deathly ill, and may perish, before I can return to our Kingdom In Exile with your crown, but without your thorny hair and brain underneath it. I know you think your father is ashamed of you and has you in exile from his own exile, but in fact he was just trying to keep you safe, the line safe. He won’t be glad to hear that you have not become the type to raise an heir to keep the Line In Exile alive, but he would be glad to see you, wearing your crown, or his, at least once before he passes into the Stone.

I am giving this letter to the first vessel I see on my journey, that is sworn to Bess, and to you. Hopefully it will find you healthy, well and of a mind to see your dying father, one last time and make your peace.

Yours in Love and Stone
your Godfather (and Boss,) Hrothgar Secondson

PS a weird side note that I forgot to mention, about these tandems of wizards and Barbarians, they seem to be coupled, as well, each pair are odd races to see together, let alone see them treat each other as lovers, as they do, as often as they enslave or kill anyone they find as they sweep across the city. it’s really creepy, they are mixing some dark sex magic in with the destruction they are causing. They are like Avatars of theGods of Chaos, walking, strutting and maiming folk, at their leisure. Be wary, and avoid Dragonport if you can.


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