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new character for a Mutants & Masterminds campaign (Agent Vii)

A little RPG/FIC.

a really brief character bio kind of thing for a new Cosmic PL 14 Mutants and Masterminds game I am going to start taking part in tomorrow. The GM makes use of some interesting settings, like "The Dragon Empire". My character seems like your typical Han Solo type, occasionally playing White Hat, sometimes Gray, or Black, but always underneath she is a Member of  "The Eyes Of the Magus" who are a dozen beings with techno-magical third eyes and armour grafted on their bodies, that give them abilities beyond that of most 'superheroes.'

A bit different than my straight up D&D game that I DM, and also the Steampunk game I play in with the same people.

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[Begin Encryption]

Report: 65gfr19A
{overview only: see relevant reports for more details}

Subject: Agent Vii (7) (known to those who know she is an agent as Vi, Violet. Family name (REDACTED): in accordance with the Agent’s local culture which prevents revealing to anyone, except family, and those who marry into a family; all but the initial, in this case: M.)

Origins: Before Violet M. became a member of the Eyes Of the Magus, she was a young woman with a bright future in law enforcement. The Mind Flayers however had plans for her planet (Planet name REDACTED), that did not include any of the native inhabitants (except as lunch). Everyone was mind controlled, and made to serve the Flayers. It’s not impossible for a strong mind to overcome Mind Flayer programming. Young Violet was a rookie Detective in the Capitol City of the larger of two continents when the Flayers appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, and started very rapidly to dominate the leaders, and eventually all but a few pocket resisters, and people whose minds were so broken as to be uncontrolled. 

The Planet itself was shielded from most eyes, for over a year but the Magus has an eyestalk or two everywhere there is a where: one of our 13 Eyes of The Magus, our elite, if erratic  Agents; in fact it was one of our longest serving due to his lengthy lifespan, Agent Xiii (13), or Thirteen. No one ever gave this agent a nickname, lest she give them the scowling of a lifetime. She managed to co-opt a rebel Cell of insurgents in The Capitol, where she made contact with then Detective M, who was the loudest and least under control of the Mind Flayers, having developed something of a cosmic sense that kept their more insidious tendrils at bay. She faked them out after she broke their control, the second day they arrived.

There are several other files giving the details of Vi and her mentor 13’s successful, if somewhat pyrrhic victory over the Mind Flayers. [see Report 7865S33] They managed to send the Mind Flayers away, but not before the Flayers found some ancient artifacts, and knowledge they had been looking for, for aeons, perhaps. Also the ‘civilian casualties were some 50% of the planet’s populations, as the Flayers burned out as many of the minds they controlled whilst being driven off.

Agent Vii  chose to leave her world (really a planetoid, an asteroid) rather than stay and be part of the rebuilding. She had really thrived and grown, working with Agent Xiii and soon became almost what could be called a sidekick, to the flamboyant Thirteen. After a year or so of freebooting and playing ‘good guy’ to various beings put under the heel of the Black Hole Syndicate [See half the files in recent archival history] Thirteen brought her to the attention of The Eyes of The Magus. The outgoing Agent Vii was one of the very few agents in our history to retire, rather than die in the line of duty. 

The new Vii bonded with the Magus’ armour and Eye implantation as well as anyone ever has. She made a natural spy, usually presenting herself as a freewheeling adventurer, smuggler, and occasional detective, for hire. When Agent Xiii was killed and phantasmagorically resurrected, she inherited her cruiser, Old Nellie, and ‘magic (not really magic) sword, “the Dragon’s Tooth,” and she feels (despite being on the other side of the galaxy at the time) responsible for her mentor’s death, as the contacts that betrayed Thirteen, were hers to start with. This motivation drives her as much as her hatred of the Mind Flayers.

Agent Vii and her spaceship disappeared from contact (at least at this security level) for over a month, and has just recently surfaced (according to Oculus) gathering intel on Deadeye, or the former Agent Xiii. She has been told not to engage her former mentor, and has thus far shown admirable restraint in not rushing as she so often does, with little plan except her uncanny ability to size folks up.



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