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What The Heck, Another Blog?

Yeah, I wanted to share my Game-logs, character backgrounds, and other sundry ephemera of playing the Table Top RPG games that I enjoy so much.

Thing is, lately, as I am transitioning (my Transition Blog), my interest in gaming has been waning. I want to keep gaming, I get a lot out of it. So I'm going to start doing more game logs (not for in game stuff, unless asked to) and little character bios/short stories that give me someone to pretend to be when I'm gaming. Doing all the back story, and game logs (which may or may not reflect the reality of the game session, I do the logs mostly in character, as a Diary entry, "war journal" or whatever style of reportage fits the campaign.

The quality is not polished on any of these, and I won't be doing any editing other than fixing some obvious typos/grammar I may have missed when originally writing.

My first few posts will be some of my favourite Game-logs and character bios from games I've played in the last few years. I'm on a bit of a summer sabbatical from gaming, but like hockey season, despite all my complaints, I'm starting to miss it.

In the fall I will start posting Game-logs after games, and when I start or join any new campaigns, I'll have all kinds of whatever I'm writing, here, as well.

I think I'll start with the characters that brought me back into gaming a few years ago. I joined a friend's 3.5 D&D campaign. we started as lowly 1st levellers. I played Regdar, (a pre-gen, yes) a fighter, as not having played D&D since highschool, I felt playing the tank would be the way to go, no spells to look up, etc. Hit stuff, kill stuff, makeMonty Python jokes= D&D.

Pretty much. eventually Reg gained a "cohort", who happened to be his goth sister (D'espondea, a Warlock), and they had many a crazy adventure, all the way to the time that campaign (set in Monte Cook's Ptolus) petered itself out, around 14th, 15th level.

I had some pictures I'd made in photoshop of Reg & d'es, but can't find the files, right now.  For now i'll make my second entry the D'espondea/Reg backstory... the original, just Reg one is in a .pages format. I don't even remember ever using "Pages". Weird.


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