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More Johnny Vertigo

Johnny's non Golem power level 10 sheet. (the Spell names at the bottom are my favourite part.

Johnny Vertigo Jr. (Power level 10 Mage)

The mages in Johnny’s family all use the obvious magicks with their own personal twist. Johnny for example tends to use more of a jack of all trades  array, whereas his father was all about illusions mind control, and misdirection. The spells all come from the family member who created them. Each member creates their own signature spell, (and shares it with any family member who wants to use it) thus the naming conventions.

(Think Carnivale)
The Family is a sideshow Preacher Fake Faith healer group originally who have left that world behind (When Johnny was a boy of nine) and scattered to various corners of the world, all plying their magical trades wherever they may be. Johnny was sidetracked and ended up back at his point of Origin.

The father was at one time leader of a church of thousands, on Fire Island, had there been radio at the time he would have been nationwide, as he had a honeyed voice, that Johnny inherited, but Sr. Had an innocence of or denial of what they were trading in, the black arts. Johnny embraced it, and became a bit of a fakir amongst the Magical elite of America, until one of his rituals under the watchful eye of Harry Houdini, failed miserably and ended up a Golem in Brooklyn.

Johnny always liked to fuck with people/demons etc more directly and it ended up costing him very much. He’s slightly humbler these days.

150 pts (power level 10)

Abilities: 28
Strength 12 (2) (mod +1)
Dexterity 12 (2) (mod +1)
Constitution 12 (2)  (mod +1)
Intelligence 20 (10) (mod +5)
Wisdom 12 (2)  (mod +1)
Charisma 20 (10) (mod +5)

Saves 18
Fort 6 (6) +1 (ab mod)= 7
Reflex 6 (6) +1 (ab mod)=7
Will 6 (6)  +1 (ab mod)=7
Toughness +1 (ab mod)=1 (also see feat Ultimate Toughness save)

Combat 12
Attack: 3
Defense 3
Initiative 0 (seize Initiative feat)

Skills 20 (x4 = 80 skill ranks)
Bluff 10
Diplomacy 5
Concentration 10
Gather Information 5
Knowledge: Arcane Lore 10
                     Streetwise 10
                     Religion 10
                     Mythos 10
Notice 5
Sense Motive 5

Feats 12
Luck 5
Ultimate effort 1 (toughness save)
Eidetic Memory 1
Fearless 1
Second Chance 1(vs. magical effects?)
Ritualist 1
Well Informed 1
Seize Initiative 1

The Family Vertigo Book Of Magic (30-ish)
Magic (Array of Spells) (20… power rank 10 x 2) + alt power rank 5 (5 extra spells)
Drawbacks -3 must be heard, understood, have freedom of movement or power loss

Signature Spell
Junior Speaks In Tongues (works as “Comprehend” effect) 1 (2) 
* Languages 3 (6)
* Codes 1 (2)
* Objects 2 (4)
*Spirits 1 (2)
*Plants 2 (4)
Basically he can while using this spell communicate with anyone and anything!

Alternate Spells
* Uncle Fritz’s Ghostly Armas and Legs 3 (x5 =15 +1 alt power feat)= 19
 ~ power feats: selective (1), Subtle (1), Duration (1)
Using Old Uncle Fritz’s (3 generations removed actually) spell, Johnny can selectively make his various body parts become coherent energy. lasts as long as he wants it to.

* The Creepy Vertigo Twins (20pts
(Summon Minion Spell) 
Power feat: Mental link (need to negotiate how to do this with GM)
The Creepy Twins who so vexed Johnny with their pranks as children, died as children, and have since served the family as minions when called upon. not sure how this all works.
Aunt Pandora Dances On Your Grave (20 pts 
(Dazzle (4) ranks affects all senses) 
power feats ~ Subtle (1),
~ Area, Linked in ~ Mind Control (4) , effortless (1), Instant Command (1) flaw- limited (-1) to one automatic command: Dance! If Will save fails.

Big Daddy Vertigo’s Bad Touch (18 total)
(Mutation 4) (16 pts)
* extras: duration (1), ranged (2) flaws uncontrolled, (mutations are random)(-1) Basically it’s a ranged “bad touch” attack, fail the save (Fort 14) and have a random mutation happen to them.
It’s a whacky one just like Big Daddy (Senior’s father, so Granddad)

The Old “Cousin Mortimer” (20)
(Mental Blast 5 ) named after it’s creator who all think of fondly, and the spell is in everyone’s arsenal.

And one last bit, his journal entry about his "new body". (of his old girlfriend, she wasn't using it anymore.

extract from the "Book Of Vertigo"
entered year 19xx by  Johnny Vertigo Jr.

Heading: JVJ Changes bodies
Subheading: Again. * (see prow ilia JVJ entry "Muddy Business this".)

right, this seemed like something worthy of mentioning in the "Family Common-book"... I John Vertigo Jr. Heir to the house Vertigo, have done the old mystic body switcher one more time. This time I am at least human. mostly. I jest, as I am presently trapped in the pretty body of my ex girlfriend Victoria...She's not as athletic as i remember her, but I suspect healthier as she seems to have no addictions that need feeding.... Always a good thing in a new body.

this does not put me any closer though to recovering my true body which Lavinia Masters had kept hidden somewhere as hostage for my Golem Services, as detailed in my last entry within these pages. Lavinia, my only link to my body has been killed by one of my comrades in her service, a mercenary named Raphael or something else ludicrously biblical. He was hotter under the collar than most of us who do her bidding. He got her with some sort of incendiary device during some sort of magical frazzle. Also this guy thought he was the reincarnation, or possibly the actual Homer who wrote all those adventure stories we gobbled up in the family library as inspiration for our own magic dab lungs. Either way he may have fucked me on ever getting my body back.

I am pretty sure though that I won't be seeing him again, as I know that he's got some other demons chasing him that we haven't, thankfully, seen yet. you can taste it all around the guy, mayhem ensues wherever he is, like there are two of him at war, bleeding their rage to those around them.

I am maybe though not so trapped as Victoria as I was as a golem, she hopefully has a little money of her own. She has no spawn, father dead, un-close with more distant family members if I recall. she can vote! her body is not as receptive as a true Vertigo blooded eldest son, but she will do. Most of my best spells seem to be doable, though the twins had a bit of a rough go last time out. I know that I'm in for it next time I need them.

Oh and one last tidbit that may turn out to be nothing (which if that is the case, I shall edit this note magically with Auntie Flo's magic eraser spell....


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